David Steven Simon is a successful LA based writer/producer. He either staffed, ran or co-created such shows as "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," "Mad About You," "Full House," "Sister, Sister," "The Wayans" . He is currently developing a new sitcom with Paul Reiser and has just written a pilot for Emmy Award winning actress Carrie Preston (The Good Wife). David is currently working on a new play with director Peter Flynn and continues to flood the desks of Hollywood with his manager/producing partner Alan Gasmer.

Director of Photography/Editor


Simon Feldman is a successful NY based Producer/DP/Editor. He recently launched www.aeroflightcam.com, which provides FAA approves aerial filming and photography. Simon's` work includes CBS TonyNYC, and "The Cooks Plate" a local cable cooking show. Simon founded The Hudson Valley Music Channel and Cuisine Insight both video channels are distributed across multi-platforms. Other clients include American Express, Asia Society, Austin Nichols, Bulova, Estee Lauder, MoMA NY, PGA...